Shop Starter Pack #2 Fizz, Salts & Steamers



If you are unsure where to start on your Posh Brats journey then allow us to do the hard work for you!
This pack is a great starter of popular PB exclusive scents, seasonal selections and limited edition offerings as well as items from our very popular aromatherapy range.
You are not able to choose the scents you get with this pack but we can assure you that they will be popular and best selling selections from across our range.

In this pack you get:

6x dozen fizzy bath bombs in 6 different scents
*each bomb will be shrink-wrapped and labeled with the scent name*

6x dozen aromatherapy shower steamers in various scents.
*each steamer is individually wrapped and labelled*

36x various aromatherapy dead sea salts in various scents
* each jar is labelled and weighs 250gm+*

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