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IMPORTANT:  We have recently made the decision to change the name and description of all of our Aromatherapy CBD products. This is due to MHRA regulations regarding medical claims with aromatherapy cosmetic products. In order to comply with what they felt was misleading with the names and descriptions, we voluntarily made these changes ahead of being asked to officially. This is to prevent ourselves and our stockists from inadvertently giving *helpful* information that could be misconstrued as medical.

We do NOT suggest when you apply your own labels that you call your products by the various ailments the aromatherapy blends are intended for.
This unfortunately will cross the very fine line between cosmetic product that this IS and the medical claim/treatment that this is NOT. The MHRA and Trading Standards can and will catch you out on this and end up costing you a lot of time, expense, and aggravation!
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